Managing Director of Virtual Experience

Job Summary

Responsible for directing and building the Toronto Yoga Co. Online platform. Manages other employees of Toronto Yoga Co. and ensures all business goals and objectives are reached.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Direct the classes, sales and marketing of Toronto Yoga Co. Online.
  • Provide training and guidance to TYC teachers and staff.
  • Manages TYC Online social media, student inquiries and sales. 
  • Hire, terminate, and train staff.
  • Create schedules.
  • Work with the Director of Toronto Yoga Co. to sustain and grow programs and services. 
  • Manage administrative functions to ensure smooth and efficient operations of Toronto Yoga Co. Online.
  • Support and create Toronto Yoga Co.’s collaborations and partnerships.
  • Ensure performance goals are met and set.
  • Attend and preside over staff meetings.
  • Participate in strategic planning.
  • Represent the organization to the public and partners.
  • Plan and implement the annual calendar of activities including fundraising initiatives for charities, special events, promotions and student challenges. 
  • Help create budgets and track expenditures.
  • Create presentations for meetings.


  • Base Salary + Performance-based Compensation

Time commitment:

  • We expect this role to start small and grow with the right person. This role will begin as a part-time commitment with chances to grow exponentially as a valued member of Toronto Yoga Co.’s management team


To apply, please email with resume to with the subject:

Managing Director of Virtual Experience Position

Application Deadline October 1st, 2020