Class Descriptions



This is the perfect class for you early risers who love to start the day with movement. Variations and modifications will be provided for all levels in this accessible, well-rounded Vinyasa flow that will leave feeling energized and refreshed for the day ahead!


The Ashtanga practice is designed to purify and tone the body, while bringing focus to the mind. This class covers the first half of the Primary Series in an hour-long practice that will strengthen your mind-body connection as you sync movement with breath and build strength, focus and flexibility.


Tone, sculpt and strengthen your entire body in this ballet-inspired workout that will light up your muscles and build deep strength. Expect fun and energetic sequences as you hold, pulse and stretch in this full-body, muscle endurance class!


You’ve guessed it… this class is equal Barre & Pilates, combining the best of both worlds as we tone, sculpt and build strength from head to toe.


This level 1-2 Vinyasa style class will create strength across your entire midline as you flow though energetic sequences that challenge your core throughout. Don’t be surprised to see some delicious Pilates mat exercises to help you leverage the power of your abdominals, obliques and back muscles to expand your traditional asana practice.


Slow down the pace in this traditional class that balances the energies in the body with a focus on alignment, and a calm and steady breath. You’ll evoke a meditative state in this accessible, all-levels practice, as you deepen your connection to breath and heighten muscle awareness with longer holds and detailed cueing. Class concludes with a pranayama practice and a blissful savasana to leave you with the residual glow of relaxation.


Our half-hour guided meditation class with help you get comfortable with the practice of meditation by focusing and observing the mind to evoke a calm and clear state. Improve your focus, enhance your self-awareness, and develop mental flexibility as you sink into deep relaxation and gain the tools to respond to the fluctuating state of the mind with presence, grace, and ease.


These 20-minute Zoom classes are a great way to get moving when you’re short on time or looking to top up a practice with a targeted muscle group. These mini classes range from hip-openers, core or glute work, Barre and Pilates tidbits, HIIT and no flow stretches. Join us for one of these quick and efficient classes!


Pilates is a mindful, low impact series of exercises that are designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body. Using focused breathing patterns and targeted core work, this class will help you improve stability and flexibility.

Reformer pilates classes, including Cardio-Tramp, Athletic Reformer, Classic-ish and Reformer Mix classes, use the pilates reformer. Mat classes are practiced on… you guessed it – the mat!


Our Pop-Up classes are always changing. Pop-Up schedules are posted in the studio, social media or you are more than welcome to shoot us a text or email and we’ll let you know what’s going on! These classes are a great way to try out different classes and guest instructors!


This invigorating level 2-3 class is a high-energy flow suited for those interested in deepening their asana practice! Options for arm balances, inversions, and more advanced backbends will be given with the gentle encouragement to explore your limits and challenge your practice. Not sure if this class is for you? Just remember to listen to your body and skip whatever doesn’t suit your fancy.


This restorative yoga class is all about the relaxation of the body and mind, as you drop into your parasympathetic nervous system, (rest and digest response), by holding postures to evoke a calm and peaceful state. Props are used to comfortably support the body and encourage deep rest, as you allow stress and tension to melt away in this soothing and nourishing practice.


This all levels class is a place where beginners and advanced practitioners can come together and flow in a practice that leaves you feeling light and peaceful. By slowing things down you have an opportunity to set up the postures, find space between the transitions, so that you can settle into proper alignment and really feel the sensations in the body while maintaining a gentle rhythm.


This level 1-2 class is the perfect combination of breath and movement. Expect a flowing, dynamic practice that consciously links a variety of postures to strengthen, lengthen and align the body, while synchronizing movement with breath. This well-rounded class balances the right amount effort and ease to invigorate and open the entire body.


This Vinyasa flow class focuses on deep hip stretches to increase flexibility, stability and the range of motion in the hip joints and pelvic girdle, as well as a variety of back bends to stimulate the spinal nerves, open the chest, and increase length and mobility along the entire spinal column.


Yin is all about long, deep, relaxed holds that teach you to tune into sensation, work your edge, and find peace in stillness. Yin yoga targets the web like connective tissue that surrounds your muscles and ligaments as you hold poses for a longer period of time, giving yourself space to turn your attention inward. Increase your mobility and flexibility as you stretch and lengthen those rarely used tissues and learn to breathe through sensation.


This class progresses from movement to stillness, beginning with flowing sequences linked with breath, to longer held postures to bring balance to both body and mind. Stimulate the yang energies of movement and effort, followed by the yin energies of relaxation and ease to create a balanced and harmonized state.