Toronto yoga co. Scholarship




Information about scholarship applications:
1.) Scholarship applications are kept on file for one calendar year.
2.) There are limited scholarships available at each level of funding.
3.) Scholarships are for four (4) consecutive month unlimited memberships only.
4.) You are welcome to reapply as many times as you’d like, even if you’ve received funding previously.
5.) You can apply for any or all levels of funding.
6.) You may choose to not to answer some or all of the questions on this application form.
7.) If you have any issues with the application form (questions asked, words used) or if you require a different format (interview on phone or in person) please email
8.) The identity of applicants (successful or not) will never be shared.
9.) This application can be filled out on behalf of another person (i.e. an applicant can be nominated by someone else), please complete Nominee Application here.
10.) You may choose to reject this scholarship, but transfers are not permissible.
11.) Please complete application form and click “Submit Application” or download a PDF copy here and send completed application to

Preferred Method of Communication

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